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Truth In Love Cosmetics

Love Matte(rs) Duo Lip Set: Michaela

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Love Matte(rs) Lip Set in color Michaela, is our warm honey Nude shade in a  liquid matte and lip liner duo, a staple for every neutral matte lip loving beauty.

My Michaela is intelligent, confident, outspoken, in a class of her own, walks with confidence and will never apologize for any of it. These are the attributes of one, this Michaela Love Matte(rs) Lip Set encourages you to "Confidence is beauty".

Enjoy a Vegan and Cruelty- Free velvet liquid matte that glides on smooth as it helps retain moisture, water and transfer-resistant with staying power and the benefits of Vitamin E.

When it counts the most, Love Matte(rs)!

Truth in Love Cosmetics